Management Team

Annie Rochette

Executive Director

Caroline Chouinard

Research Director – Mineral Sector

Pascal Vuillaume

Research Director –  Plastics Sector


Director of Operations – Plastics Sector

Philippe Bébin

Chairholder – Industrial Research Chair for Advanced Materials (NSERC)

Nassima Kemache

Director of Operations – Mineral Sector

Katline Guay

Director of Operations – Scientific Services

Elisabeth Veilleux

Communication and Marketing Manager

Administrative Support Staff

Kaven Gouin

Accounting Manager

Chantal Jacques


Mary Maxwell

Executive Assistant

Chantal Piché

Assistant Research Executive

Caroline Perreault

Accounting Technician

Project Managers

Plastics Sector

Joanie Daigle

Audrey Diouf Lewis

Lei Hu

Michel Nadeau

Keven Pépin

Shant Shahbikian

Mostafa Chamoumi

Mineral Sector

Mathieu Boudreau

Jean-François Grenier

Claude Lamy Morissette

Specialized Technicians

Plastics Sector

Kristina Bourgault

Luc Deschamps

Steeve Lacasse

Michèle Morin

Mado Poulin

Mineral Sector

Julie Alain

Alexandre Bélisle-Lafleur

Antoine Garand

Michel Jacques

Jacques Roussin


Other Specializations

Emmanuelle Aubert

Chemical Technician

Daniel Champagne

Mechanical Engineering Technician